December 7

100 word challenge- but they were exhausted

The three children bolted through the forest as fast as a lightning bolt. The wolves were catching up. They needed to climb a tree, but they were exhausted and couldn’t climb the whole way. It was a tragedy and probably the death of them. Finally they found a good tree to climb. The eldest Alice climbed up and the middle child Jack, hoisted the baby, Millie who was kicking and screaming, up in to Alice’s hands. As Jack was scrambling up one of the wolfs grabbed him and pulled him back down and that is how the furious battle began.

November 29

100 word challenge- we seemed to be on the television

Goal: I can use better word in my Writing.

It all happened on the 3rd of July. I was at Central park mucking around with my friend. Then suddenly, a man came up behind me and grabbed me. But luckily we both do Taekwondo and attacked him. Soon we were at home watching TV when a video came on. Of us! We seemed to be on the television.  And best of all it showed us beating up a man. “12 year old girls were found in central park beating up an old man. If found please report to police,” A little caption said at the bottom. We were criminals!

November 6



The sea is a royal blue

It shines and shimmers

In the flaming red sun

The colours are beautiful



The sun is a bright rich yellow

It can change to a ruby red

The colours are beautiful




Warm Autumn  

Leaves the colours of crimson flames

Falls from the great fawn tree

Leaving a layer gold, ruby and orange


The great emerald leaves

Changing colours between my very eyes

I feel the warmth of Autumn on my bare skin

An amazing feeling

An amazing feeling





The flames dance and flicker

In the turquoise sky

It flickers scarlet, gold and caramel

In the turquoise sky


It lets of a bright light

In the turquoise sky

But as I sit in my wooden chair

The fire starts to die


I close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep

Then the fire gives one last flicker and dies down to.

November 6

Beautiful Bay

Beyond the beautiful bay

Lays an ocean of blue, green and grey

With spiky rocks

And shimmering shells

With multi coloured spots

Beyond the beautiful bay


Beyond the beautiful bay

Lays an ocean of blue green and grey

With pleasant shimmering waves

Beyond the beautiful bay


Beyond the beautiful bay

Lays an ocean of blue, green and grey

With big and small sea animals

In the ocean of blue, green and grey

August 26

100 word challenge- so as i looked over the edge I saw

I was lying in my bedroom reading this really cool book about these children with superpowers who went on this really big quest. It was boiling hot outside and sadly inside because my bedrooms air conditioner was broken. I was dying to have something cold. Suddenly I heard music. It was a soft melody like a bed time song.  I ran outside. It had to be the ice cream man. So as I looked over the edge, I saw the ice cream man.  Soon I had an ice cream in hand. It was yummy.  That ice-cream man was my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  




August 10

100 word challenge- it had been raining all morning

It had been raining all morning and Madison was bored to death. There was nothing to do. Just sit on the floor waiting to be not grounded. She had read all of her books at least three times and played with all her toys. If you are wondering why Madison is grounded it is because she had a party when her mum was having a date. Now she had to stay in her room all day for two days. And not play on electronics. How bad is that!!! She couldn’t even sneak outside because it was raining. It was annoying.

August 10

100 word challenge- Flames, regularly, clock, ice, lime

I was bored to death sitting in my living room watching the flames on the fire dance around. I regularly looked at the clock waiting for 12:00 to come. Soon I decided to get something to eat. I jumped up and walked to the fridge. Opening it I saw ice dangling from the roof of the fridge. Our fridge was a disgusting lime colour which mum choose. I hate it. I really wanted ice cream but I knew that mum would ground me. Then I thought: mum won’t know if I take some. I scooped some into my bowl. Delicious. 

August 3

100 word challenge- portal

Special prompt #2 (18)

The camping trip had gone awesome in till now.  We had been all around the forest, playing in the lakes and climbing the trees. Harvey and I were having the time of our lives. But as I said, now the fun had stopped. I had gone hiking with dad but he had slipped and became unconscious and I ran to find help. Now I am lost in the middle of the forest. In front of a blue portal. It stood in the middle of a clearing. Without thinking I dumbly jumped inside the portal. The Dumbest mistake of my life.

August 2


prefix- Anti   Anti means against or the opposite of the root or steam word.                                                          Anti-spam, anticlockwise, Anti-plague, Antidote, Anti-competitive, anti-shoplifting .

prefix- Auto Auto means something that is done by his or herself, for example an Autobiography is dome by a human.                                                                                                                                                              autobiography, autopilot, auto-radiography,  automobile, and auto-bot*

prefix- dis dis means against or the opposite of the base word                                                                                                    dislike, dis-function, disorder, disorder, disagreed, distrust, dishearten, disadvantage



*an auto-bot is a fictional character



July 19

🥇🏆100 word challenge- Achievements & Hopes 🥇🏆

Achievements & Hopes. It was the name of the Art Gallery I was entering my amazing picture of that rainbow that I had seen a few weeks ago in. It was probably the best painting there. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Jenny MacAmson and right now I am sitting in Achievements & Hopes waiting for them to announce the winner. My little brother Keven squirmed in the chair next to me. His picture he had entered was really bad. “And the winner who won,” the loud speaker boomed, “this year’s gallery competition is… Keven MacAmson!” “WHAT!!!!” I yelled.